E N G L I S H  A S  A  S E C O N D

Here in the Brooklyn Community, many originate from different countries and some speak other languages besides English. Not being able to speak the most popular and widely known language has become an obstacle people have to face today, when it comes to moving forward in their life. So, we have decided to help.

English as a Second Language, was created to help those overcome this obstacle. Overcoming this problem will not only help with communicating with others but also help provide a better life in the American society.  In the provided classes, the volunteers assist group participants with the basics of how to read and write English. As they become more familiarized with the basics of the English language, they are then shown how to create sentences using the correct grammatical format. Over the course of time, volunteers also hold events and trips as a way to teach the group about American society. Special trips like to the Statue of Liberty or the Museum of Natural History.