C O M P U T E R  W O R K S H O P

As years go by, things that were once a luxury are becoming a necessity. One of these necessities is the usage of a computer. With the recent advancements of computers in the recent years, we believe that those who did not have the opportunity to get their hand on one before should be educated.

We have created a hands-on workshop that covers the integrated concepts of the computer system. We wanted to provide people with the knowledge and understanding of what occurs with-in the internal mechanism of the modern system. Assembling modem towers, and learning what role each part plays is just the beginning. Once these towers were completely assembled, attending members learned how to install the operating system such as; Windows or IOS to the towers and confirm that they were operational. The final step of this workshop was a quick crash course of the system and how they operate when it comes to installing Third Party software.