C I V I C S   A N D
C I T I Z E N S H I P   C L A S S E S

Becoming a United States Citizen is a goal for many individuals, as they pursue the American dream. For many, it’s one of the most difficult and tedious applications to complete, and receiving legal consultation is a pricey situation. Some paying upwards $4000 to validate the information that they are sending to USCIS. We provided a 25-week course supporting Legal Permanent Residents’ with learning the U.S. Civics, by using the learning materials provided by USCIS, and with the guidance of a BIA accredited lawyer, Rhonda deJean, Esq.

As residents applied for the provided course, they were validated. Participants who were not eligible to apply at the time of the workshop were notified of when they should begin the application process, and those who were eligible, we aided them in completing their N-400 application. As individuals began to attend they classes they received two copies of the N400 Application, copies of specified documents, and a checklist to review the pending items that needed to be reviewed during the next session. Our volunteer instructors covered a range of topics, while validating participants understanding with different supported assessments. The other participants with speech impediments were supported after class with the help of other volunteers who used the same material used in class to provide a 1-1 instruction session.

After the completion of the first half of the workshop, we open our doors to the public to allowed participants that did not register for our class to participate within this workshop. During this time, we offered free consultation to participants and non-participants by Rhonda deJean, Esq. which allowed them to mail there application out to be schedule for an interview.