Supporting individuals creative and development skills through an engaged and empowered community.


Digamma Lambda Mu, Inc., is a non-profit organization that is founded on the principle of empowering the Brooklyn community through engaging workshops and projects. We use our project management background to provide Brooklynites with excellent knowledgeable information through hands-on learning activities, and also empowering community leaders to be more active in their community. Many of our instructors are volunteers looking to gain course work hours, who uses their current knowledge and resources to give back to the community. 

Here at DLM Inc., we believe that shared knowledge is the key to communities success.  Our mission is to support individuals creative and self development through engage-able empowerment . As a non-profit organization we strive to embrace and endure the society by providing advise and knowledge. We engage in workshops and various learning activities, which extends to as long as six months to a year. DLM Inc. encourages the contribution of traditions and values with the upmost respect for not oneself but for everyone, as we strive to maintain the upcoming of our community as it is our home.

To establish this vision, we intend to gain a connection of commitment within our society by not only involving ourselves, but also to instill a sense of altruism in all community officials throughout the New York area, with the hope to preserve an eternity of peace and harmony. Previous projects that has been accomplished are: English as a second language, Healthy eating workshops, Computer Workshop, and, Civics and Citizenship classes. We are always looking to work with many community leaders and Activists as we push to expand and bring more life to the community. In conjunction with our upcoming projects within the areas of Art, Music and Dance-Creative Expression, Digamma Lambda Mu, Inc. is seeking to increase the public awareness with the assistance of other present organization and companies who also believe in establishing a continuous sense of public spiritedness. The impact of working cooperatively with several different businesses and foundations, can diversify our efforts and add dimension to our area of services.